The Owner and Artist

Meet the man who does it all, Roger Bennett. Roger's fascination for all things woodworking began after his first woodshop experience in junior high. Over the years his passion for the art continued to grow. To this day he has remained a self-taught artist in his profession while simultaneously running a successful construction, painting, and contracting company throughout the state of Tennessee.

He has been sought after and commissioned by local, state, and worldwide brands in order to design, produce, and present various works of art to be distributed by them at their own respective levels. A couple of these brands include Tim's Ford Bass Club, and Jack Daniels. You can also find some of his more famous designs in local art galleries in Manchester, and Tullahoma, TN. He is also a long-time member of the Tennessee Valley Woodworkers Association, the Tennessee Craft Association, and the Foothill Craft Association of Manchester, TN.

Recent Awards and Mentions

The "Wood Whisperer" has been hard at work recently and has the awards to show it. He was given that nickname after being interviewed and filmed by Tennessee Crossroads for a segment on their TV show. He recently won 1st place out of more than one hundred different vendors at the National Cornbread Festival in South Pittsburg, TN.

Another great mention that has given this artist recognition for his amazing skillset is a recent interview conducted by John Coffelt of The Manchester Times. You can find this article on their website under the title, Working with the grain.