The Process

Each design that we create, whether it's a decorative piece for inside or outside, is cut to precise measurements. In doing so, this will allow us to piece everything together to give it the full mosaic-like look upon completion. When an order is received for a custom Intarsia design, our lead designer, Roger, will look over the picture, or drawing, and determine from there what kind of material he will need for the project. From there, he will gather the wood locally and begin the process of cutting it down to the correct thickness for the design. After he is finished with that, he will start to draw out each separate piece that will need to be cut from the wood that best matches its needed color. Most of the cutting is done by use of a scroll saw, with the intricate details or piece being carve out by hand, or by the use of a dremmel. After each piece is cut and put together he will then begin the process of gluing them together, one by one. When the glue is dried he will then sand away any remaining glue or rough edges and begin applying a clear-coat finish to the entire piece.