Our History

For over 25 years we have specialized in custom woodwork designs for customers all over the country. It all started in a shed as just a hobby, and then quickly grew into a full-time business. We have offered many services and products over the years to customers far and wide. However, most of the work we do centers around Intarsia art. This form of art dates back to before the seventh century and involves using various shapes, sizes, and types of wood that when put together will form a mosaic-like picture. Most of our clients bring us their own ideas, pictures, or art work that they would like to see in a wood form using the Intarsia design process. All of our products are made with locally-sourced wood that we find here in Middle Tennessee.

Our Services

We have a wide range of services and products to offer our customers here at Clear Branch Woodworks. Our steady line of products that we keep in stock and ready to ship out include birdhouses, kitchen cutting boards, drop baskets, and woodturned crafts. We also have some pre-made works of Intarsia that we keep updated on our Gallery page. Keep in mind that we will also accomodate any custom order in every way we can!